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Dedicated to the animals that bring so much fun, purpose and joy to our lives.  We belong to them as much as they belong to us.


Bugs, our rescue girl and first Boxer, a kind, gentle, regal soul; the dog that taught us humility, forgiveness and to appreciate the simple but wonderful things life has to offer.  She shared our lives for eight wonderful years.

Citi, our humming bird in a Boxer suit, that sees fun and joy in everything she does.  She wakes with major wiggle butts and ends her day the same way.

Pete, our 24-7 challenge, our clown, who prefers to be a home body and lap dog while keeping us on our toes and making sure we laugh at least once every day.

Lego, our Danish/Swedish Farmdog and newest family member, is bring life altering changes and many new adventures to our pack.  NO--he is not a Chicken Dog, nor a Jack Russell Terrier or even a Beagle, he is a DANISH/SWEDISH FARMDOG!


Goober, our old boy, keeper of the garage, owner of a BIG attitude.

Peanut, our feral boy found by our dogs and rescued from near death, to become a beautiful Seal Point.

Mocha, our little girl and best friend to Peanut, who sees to it both boys are kept in line.

CAMP WINNARIBBUN:  Share our yearly  experience at Camp Winnaribbun, Stateline, Lake Tahoe, the best vacation ever for people and their dogs.

OUR AGILITY FRIENDS:  Agility friends, canine and human.

LOCAL AGILITY EVENTS:  Links to photos from local agility events.  Web addresses for agility events calendars.

LINKS:  Not your usual links page, rather a collection of many great dog-related resources; alphabetized,  categorized and described, in PDF format with active links.  You will find web sites for general supplies, nutrition, travel, training, rescue organizations and more in this collection.

The name, CitiBugs, was coined by a group of young boys that came to a local park daily to play with Bugs and Citi.  The name remained even after Pete was added to our family.  These boys looked forward to after school romps with the girls.  They had no dogs of their own, nor were they likely to have one during their childhoods.  Bugs, Citi and Pete provided love , acceptance and companionship to these children, a winning situation for all.

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